NPHS Ski Club Finds A Groove


Cara Lawton, staff writer

The NPHS Ski Club is back in action this year with the first official trip planned for February 5.  The Club is looking to make a comeback from last year’s COVID season when trips couldn’t be taken because of the social distancing guidelines. This year, masks will be worn on the bus and inside the lodge.

One of the co-presidents of the club, Roxanne Sabel, hopes to bring many different types of people together over the common interest of enjoying time out at the mountain.  No matter the skill level,  skiers and snowboarders are welcome to join the Club.

Other Ski Club members express excitement about spending time with their friends and staying out to night ski/snowboard with friends.  Junior member Kayleigh Wilson has been skiing ever since she was five years old. She started young with ski lessons and goes on yearly trips with her family.

Wilson can’t wait for the NPHS Ski Club trips: “I’m excited to ski with some of my friends because usually when I go skiing, it’s with my dad, brother, and cousins. So it will be something new.”

Despite only being founded last year, the club already has around 150 participants. 

Sabel is hopeful that it will grow in future years, continuing on after she graduates. She even can envision NPHS adding a ski team: “When I was younger I did ski racing and freestyle skiing and I had so much fun! If I were a freshman this year, I would’ve definitely set this up.”

This year, the Ski Club is receiving discounted student prices for Camelback/Blue Mountain in Pennsylvania. For the student season pass it only costs $189 rather than the usual price of a value season pass which is $599. Depending on equipment needs, members are encouraged to rent equipment at the resort, or at the local Colorado Snow and Skate.

It’s still not too late to join, even if a student wants to only sign up for one trip. If interested in joining for a trip, email Roxanne Sabel or Connor Marusic for more information.