Mr. Criscitello Becomes NPMS Assistant Principal

Sophia Salazar, staff writer

NPHS STEM Department Head  Michael Criscitello will move into the Assistant Principal position at New Providence Middle School. After being Board approved on March 24th, he has already begun to transition into his new position. 

Mr. Criscitello has been working at the school district for several years, and when the administrative opportunity arose, he took it. Coming into the High School, he didn’t necessarily have this specific goal in mind, but he let new opportunities fall into place. 

“When you first get into education, you just try to get your feet on the ground as a teacher, and you’re not sure where that’s going to eventually take you,” Criscitello said. “But in the back of my mind, I always felt as a coach that I was a strong leader. I could take that into my job as a teacher and as an educator, which eventually led a path into being the STEM Department Head here. And then when the opportunity came out for the Vice Principal’s job at the middle school, I figured why not try and take that next step?”

As the new Assistant Principal, Mr. Criscitello has to give up his coaching and teaching jobs. He recently came off a hockey state championship, and will continue to coach the boys lacrosse team for the rest of their season. 

He admitted the change is “very sad and bittersweet”, but also said that  “there are many other ways to get involved in coaching, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be at the school. I still see myself as a coach, it’s just in a different sense.”

Mr. Criscitello’s positive mindset and attributes will help him in being a successful leader at NPMS. He looks at past and present leaders in the district who have taught him important qualities to obtain. 

“Mr. Henry has the most brilliant composure, while Mrs. Zirpoli has great decision making. Both Mr. Richter and Mr. Keaney have tremendous communication skills whether it be with staff or students, while Mrs. K brings the compassion and love that the High School needs” he said.

Sophomore Jackson Benward has had Mr. Criscitello as his hockey coach for two years, but won’t be seeing him back on the ice for the rest of his HS career. 

“It was tough to hear the news and it’s definitely going to be weird getting a new coach right after winning a state championship, but I’m super happy for him and hope he kills it as Vice Principal,” said Benward.