Senior Pie Face Fundraiser


Sofia Zamora, staff writer

With the Junior and Senior Prom quickly arriving, the class of 2022 is hosting a Pie Face Fundraiser that will be held in the New Providence High School courtyard. This fundraiser is going to be taking place between the first and second weeks of April. 

The premise of this fundraiser is simple. Students will pay one dollar for their ticket to be entered. If the student’s ticket is pulled at random, they will receive the opportunity to “pie” the teacher of their choice. One student can pay for multiple tickets, therefore increasing their chances of being able to “pie” their teacher. Teachers such as Ms. Fintz, Ms. Berrios, and Mr. Arnold have already committed to participating in the fundraiser. 

Senior class president Kalina Kornacki is helping the fundraiser run smoothly by working with class advisors Fintz and Berrios to get a head start on the fundraiser.

“The good thing about being a class advisor is that we have the opportunity to delegate to the students. Kalina has really taken on a hands-on role as President to really organize this fundraiser. Myself and Ms. Fintz were responsible for making sure that it got the school’s approval, teachers were willing to participate, and knowing where and when the event will happen,” Ms. Berrios said. 

While details of the event are being finalized, advertising for the fundraiser is in the works. 

“We will be posting posters along all high school hallways that are highly populated areas.  The class of 2022 will be sharing the funds with the class of 2023 in preparation for the prom,” Kornacki stated. 

The fundraiser is looking to raise about $200 in total for the junior and senior classes with the profits going to this year’s prom and lifting the spirits of the senior class before stepping into the realm of college. 

Although this fundraiser will help with the final costs of the prom, many other fundraisers have been held by the senior class as well.

“We’ve had plenty of bake sales, chocolate bar sales, and we’re going to be having a pop up sale at Lavender Boutique in town,” Ms. Berrios stated. 

In total, these fundraisers and others have raised about $3,000 with an original goal of raising $4,000.