Class of ‘22 Tricky Tray Fashion Show Lights Up the Stage

Robbie Maisch, staff writer

After a two year hiatus for quarantine, the student and community favorite Tricky Tray Fashion Show made its way back to NPHS on Saturday, March 26th for the class of 2022. The show was a sight to behold, consisting of a heartwarming slideshow, three musical numbers, and of course the models sporting stunning suits and dresses, as well as several fun props. In addition, a basket raffle was held outside the auditorium for attendees to win all sorts of prizes.

The event began with host and organizer Kate Forbes humorously and sentimentally introducing the show, and presenting a slideshow over the stage. The slideshow introduced each and every one of the senior models with a baby photo followed by a present day yearbook photo. Once the slideshow concluded, the first musical number was given, and then the models took to the stage.

The models came on stage in pairs, and separated once at the center of the stage to walk to either side. Once at the sides of the stage the models showed off their attire and props, which ranged from glittering top hats and sunglasses to inflatable guitars. The models then met again at the center of the stage where they performed a unique act or pose within their pair, and continued walking to the opposite side of stage. Once there they once again showcased what they were wearing before going back to center stage one last time to walk off stage and up the auditorium aisle. Throughout the modeling, MCs Ms. Berrios and Mr. Kempner gave detailed and witty commentary about the models’ clothes, as well as points of interest about each model such as interesting facts about them, their favorite teacher, and advice that they would give to incoming freshmen.

After the first half of the models finished their performances, a brief intermission took place in which the second of the three musical numbers took place, and the winners of the basket raffle were announced. After the short break, the show started back up once again, and the second half of the models began their show.

The show was magnificent, with the final models shooting confetti onto the stage to conclude the modeling.

Forbes once again came to stage and was honored as the host of the show for the past eight years, before the final musical number was given to close out the show.

All in all, the 2022 Tricky Tray Fashion Show was an amazing time for all, and will certainly be something to look forward to in years to come.