Senior Internship Program is Back

Jack Cropper, staff writer

As AP exams approach for many students, an exciting prospect lies on the other side for the current seniors of New Providence High School. Of course, some may choose to continue their high school career in traditional fashion. They will learn under a teacher and ultimately take their final exam at the end of the year to wrap it all up. For others, an enticing opportunity in the senior internship program will prove to be the avenue of choice to close out the school year. 

It is a pretty straightforward program, offering various types of internships, and providing each student with the resources to guide them through the experience. Don’t mistake it for a purely school experience though. 

Students work directly under their place of employment, consulting with the school only to share their experiences and be monitored. The school does this through the mentors, who are assigned students and oversee their “projects” and school responsibilities, while the employer will direct them like any other employee.

“This is the first year we’re doing it in about three years,” said Brian Henry, Principal of New Providence High School. “It’s a commitment.”

Indeed it is. Whatever field you choose to go in, it’s not just a walk in the park. With over 60 different businesses participating in previous years, the program has expanded greatly to include all student interests. Whatever business students commit to, they must reflect their interests in how engaged they are. Attendance is habitual just like school, and expulsion from the program is possible if you miss too many days. 

Students who participate in the internship are still fully available to participate in extracurricular activities,  according to the requirement sheet.

The program is demanding, but immersive and extremely educational, and available to all seniors who qualify. It’s a unique opportunity and new experience to finish the year off.