Are You Rising Up?

Are You Rising Up?

Ava Cumiskey, staff writer

In the 2021-2022 school year, the NPSD were faced with a meaningful message that represents courage, confidence, and perseverance. “Rise Up” is the Character Education Theme that provides students with skills for personal growth. Throughout the school year, students and staff are encouraged to engage in multiple “Rise Up” activities including spirit week, annual Pioneers 4 Lucas celebration, multiple fundraisers, the annual Spread the Word to End the Word campaign, and more. 

The theme, “Rise Up” means something different to everyone. Last school year was the furthest from a normal year, so being able to participate in character ed, events, and fundraisers is long awaited. 

Hannah Ocello, a junior at NPHS and a member of the Future Civic Leaders and Character Education club, has taken her part in the school’s theme, Rise Up. When asked if there are any fundraisers or events that she has participated in that follow the theme she said: “I helped organize that spread the word to end the word basketball game. It’s an event that promotes inclusion for everyone.” 

As well as the inclusion basketball games, Ocello plays a role in the Future Civic Leaders club at NPHS. Throughout the school year, students have the opportunity to write and receive letters to Education, Careers & Lifelong Community (ECLC) students. There was also a service project where students were encouraged to donate hygiene items to a shelter in Morristown, NJ. 

Counselor at NPHS and head of Character Education club, Mrs. Noppenberger says there are a bunch of events and fundraisers in the school that follow the theme “Rise Up.” 

“Currently, character ed is raising funds for a couple of the nonprofits to support groups in Ukraine. […] FCL is going to Lantern Hill and meshing with the seniors and spending time with them.” 

Throughout the school, students and staff are always pushing each other to be kind to each other and lift one another up. We are all holding one another accountable and trying to progress back into a normal year. 

“Whether it’s going to a play in person and not streaming it or sports award or going to games or field trips […] it makes a difference with the involvement of students over the years,” says Noppenberger. 

There are many clubs and fundraisers going on to help our school to rise up, but even small acts of kindness can mean so much. 

“I try to help my friends with school work and say hi to people in the halls,” says Ocello. 

Throughout the year there are many chances to rise up in athletics, clubs, or even just greeting someone in the hallway.

“There are a lot of opportunities that the high school gives to raise each other up. The school’s very welcoming and inclusive,” says Ocello.