Should The NBA Season Be Shortened?


Luke Clausen, staff writer

Steve Kerr, the coach of the Golden State Warriors, has been arguing for a shorter season ever since he started coaching for Oakland. One of his top priorities is to have his players in top shape so they can win a majority of their games. To do this many coaches including Kerr have argued to make the total number of games in the season 75 instead of 82 or even lower.

Many players and coaches have agreed with this. A majority of coaches have already been doing this in some form by allowing one or more of the team’s key players to rest for a game or more. This has been done by many successful teams since the early 2010s. Teams that have done this include The Cavaliers, The Clippers, The Lakers and the warriors of which were in the playoffs at least once this decade. 

If the season was shortened then fans wouldn’t have to worry if their favorite player is playing in a game that they’re spending money on. In addition players could play harder and longer because of the extra time to rest and practice. When one of Portland’s star players Damion Lillard was asked about how a shorter season would affect his playing he said “Of course, if there were less games, I’d be able to play at a higher level because I wouldn’t have to play as many games.” 

One argument against the longer season is that NBA legends like Micheal Jordan and Larry Bird were expected to play just as long or not longer yet never claimed to be fatigued or get injured as much. But as players like Giannas Antetokounmpo have shown, the style of basketball has changed since Jordan or Bird had played. Guards need to account for point guards who can shoot but now be in post.

Some  have argued that the NBA might suffer a net loss from a shortened season, but because the players would play harder due to less games, the games would be more tense and engaging so more people would want to pay to see the games, so attendance would rise.

In conclusion the NBA should shorten the number of games per season. This is because athletes can play stronger and harder which allows for better games and less of a risk of injury.