The Giants and the Jets Future Needs


Chase Young, Picture Credit - Jp Waldron/CSM/Shutterstock

John Geoffroy, staff writer

Football in New York has not been good for the last 6 years as the teams have had terrible records and bad players. 

The last time the New York Giants won the Super Bowl was in 2012 against the New England Patriots. But the Jets have it worse. The last time the Jets won the Super Bowl was in 1969 against the Indianapolis Colts. 

Since it’s almost the playoffs, teams and fans have already been thinking about the 2020 NFL Draft. Giants fans have been looking at Chase Young, a defensive end from Ohio State to help fix the problems. One of their biggest problems is their defense, and with Chase Young, fans believe they might have a solution. The Giants defense gives the opponent too much time in the pocket to throw the ball to a receiver. Chase Young, an amazing defensive end, would really help out the d-line and force more sacks and fumbles. 

The Jets on the other hand need the opposite. The Jets need someone to help out their star Quarterback, Sam Darnold, and give him more time to throw the ball. Austin Jackson, an offensive tackle from USC, would fit perfectly on the Jets, giving them more time to throw the ball and more blocks for running with their star running back, Le’veon Bell. With those two amazing players, both teams could have an advantage in the 2020-2021 season with these better players.