Preview of Spring Track

Ava Cumiskey, staff writer

After a successful winter season, with multiple athletes qualifying for the Meet of Champions, the track team is excited for an even better spring season. The main goal this season for both the girls and boys teams is to win the sectional meet. Last year, the boys won the sectional title, and the girls placed 2nd to Whippany Park. 

Throughout the winter, the coaches have been preparing and training the athletes for a successful spring season. Head coach Alexander Meyer wants to “continue on the progress that the team made during the winter time.”

According to the coaches, the winter season was much better on the boys and girls side than what they had predicted. They hope to capitalize off these successes into the spring season. 

For senior captain Bree Boyle, her team goal is to perform well at the sectional meet throughout all of the events.

“We’re strong with the jumps, distance, sprints, and throws,” she said. 

Gabby Glaser, a sophomore and returning spring track athlete agreed: “I hope that we win the sectional final.” 

Another returning spring track athlete, Natasha Grandov, has other goals in mind. She wants some team members to make it to the Meet of Champions.

Even though there was a strong winter season, the last normal spring track season was 2019, leaving majority of the athletes this year with little to no experience. After the last few seasons, a lot of talented seniors graduated, leaving big shoes to fill. The team is now “underclassmen heavy” and relies on the upperclassmen and more experienced runners to help everyone out. 

Although it may seem frustrating to have a younger team, Boyle finds it a good learning experience: “I tend to be leading a lot of things which I like and I like to be able to help the newer kids experience the fun parts of track.”

From an underclassmen perspective, the juniors and seniors are very motivating.

“They help us when people are slacking off,” said Glaser. 

Although the last two seasons were affected by COVID-19, this season seems to be back to normal. The team can finally travel to larger meets and compete against multiple schools.

“The kids won’t have to worry about not being too close or not sticking around too long or anything like that,” said Meyer. 

With a fresh return after a hard winter season, some athletes have personal goals for the spring. Both Boyle and Grandov want to achieve the school record for pole vaulting and high jump. The current records stand at 10-6 for pole vault and 5-2 for high jump. 

Meyer believes the athletes this season will be more prepared than they were for the last two years, and will be able to excel in all of the events. 

Between the hard upcoming training in spring and preparation from the winter, the track team is going to perform well throughout all of the events during the season.