A visual step back into Pioneer Sports History (Spring Edition)


Sienna Barbarisi (junior) and Chris Gates (form 1998)

Below are photos of athletes from the 70s, 80s, and 90s compared to the 2022 spring athletes. The older photos were taken directly from the yearbooks, provided by the Media Center, and the newer photos were taken by Devin Lippman.

Ava Cuminskey and Miranda Bournique racing with Yai-Dea from 1997
Christina Alexandrov running alongside a track star from 1993
AJ Boyle with Colin Cadmus running alongside Parsell Senior (1998)
Sienna Barbarisi with Chris Gates from 1998
NPHS player with Todd Kraft (1998)
Rohan Gudwani playing with Rahul Malotra (1997)
Jon Pitarresi swings while Rich Sachsel poses (1998)
Matt Demareski with head pitcher Coleman (1998)
Liam Smith rounding the bases with Matt Lisiecki (1997) right on his heels
Zach DeGeorge and Mike Yendrick (1997) hitting a home run
Andrew Kowantz hitting a big one with Dave Trindell (1983) right behind him
Keira Goetke and Becky Barone (1993) are ready for action
Keira Goetke and Becky Barone (1993) are once again the unstoppable duo
Abigail Miller and Stephanie Tessler (1997) get ready for the pitch and swing
Micaela Matles works well with Janine Seippel (1983)
Shane Cook and an NPHS player (1992) get ready for a goal
Cara Lawton and Brooke Desarno are in perfect sync with an offense I’ve player (1992)
Ava Slabaugh and #10 (2007) throw the ball up
Rowen Henry makes a break for it with an NPHS player (2007)
Megan Barlow cradles the ball while #20 (2007) makes a run for it
Senior lacrosse girls: (top row, left to right)Roxanne Sabel, Reagan Wawzycki, Caitlin Foti, Mikayla Lawler, (bottom row, left to right) Brooke Desarno, Megan Barlow, and Marilyn Keating pose with the 2007 senior girls.



Congrats to all the athletes this 2022 spring season!