New Providence High School Loves Cafeteria Food

Norine Moore, staff writer

In many movies, cafeteria food from schools has been portrayed as an awful tasting, slimelike concoction thrown together by moody lunch ladies. However, New Providence High School has proved this stereotype to be incorrect.

With many options to choose from, students are given the choice to switch up what they eat everyday. Some of these foods are freshly made sandwiches, gooey chicken and cheese paninis, crispy chicken nuggets, and soft baked cookies. 

Freshman Erika Danysh states that she bought lunch everyday in middle school. Usually she would get food from the international section because, “the international food sold at New Providence High School cafeteria is absolutely astonishing and it never fails to satisfy my taste buds! I will always be looking to try new foods from around the world.” 

The international area in the cafeteria brings food from all over the world straight onto lunch plates. Now, students are able to try new foods like curry, beans with rice, and even specials pastas from around the globe.

While the international food is great, students also enjoy the sandwiches made in the cafeteria. Students can choose from a variety of meats, cheeses, toppings, and condiments to mix and match on their sandwich roll. All they have to do is say what they want on their sandwich roll and then they have a perfectly crafted sandwich. According to many students at NPHS, sandwiches are the best things to get because of how versatile they are. Callie Agresto said that, “The sandwiches taste like they were made at a professional deli and not a high school cafeteria.” The only downside to the sandwiches is how long you have to wait in line to get one!

Student Ryan O’Day says that, “the sandwiches are great,” but he also claims that the paninis are fantastic as well. “The gooeyness of the melted cheese provides for an excellent source of goodness while being paired with crunchy chicken tenders inside of the wrap.” 

Fellow students can stand with O’Day often waiting in line for long minutes to get a taste of the mouth-watering wraps that often switch types each day. 

While some say that the best lunch option is a sandwich and others say it is the great chicken nuggets, everyone can agree that the cookies are what truly make lunch amazing. The cookies, which are often fresh out of the oven, add the perfect cherry on top of an already great lunch all made by the cafeteria cooks. With a variety of different kinds like chocolate chip, red velvet, sugar, and M&M, students are able to choose a cookie for whatever they are feeling. 

“The cookies are absolutely fantastic. The softness of the first bite always melts perfectly in my mouth,” said Danysh.

Paige Marusic also chimed in saying, “I strongly recommend heading to the cafeteria early in the morning to get the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies because when they are straight out of the oven, this is when they are at their most scrumptious state.”

Hannah Ocello, also stated that while she rarely buys lunch at school, once in a blue moon she buys a cookie or two because they are so addicting.

From the voices of the New Providence High School students, it is clear to see that the cafeteria food is exceptionally good no matter what you decide to dine on.