Some Student Viewpoints on Online Learning

Evren Ozgu, staff writer

Students have mixed feelings about online learning and whether or not it is effective. Some students are a little on the fence and have nothing particularly nice or harsh to say about it. Others either dislike it, since they don’t see it as a comfortable way of learning, and some like it, because they’re able to manage all of their work. 

Some students feel that people aren’t really “learning” online, they are just handing their work in on time, and attending Zoom calls with their teachers. Drew Skotarczak stated that “I haven’t been learning anything per se but I’ve been getting all my work done and handed in on time so that’s a plus.” Online learning has led to eliminating almost any student’s excuse to not be able to hand work in on time and get it all done. However, that doesn’t mean it gets the job done. 

Students also feel that it is just too strange learning from home. James Agresto gave his own thoughts on the matter: “I think it is not nearly as effective as being in school. The way I learned is different and uncomfortable.” Actually going to school and learning while face to face with teachers is way different than learning from home, which often feels like simply assigning work. There is also an issue with how some students are aggravated with teachers bombarding them with work early in the morning when some are still in bed or taking care of work from other teachers’ classes. 

There are some upsides to online learning, such as the ability for students to keep in touch with their teachers, because as many students and teachers know there are bonds that are formed between the two. 

Finally there are students who try and look at the good and bad things. Alex Bannworth said “There were highs such as being able to contact teachers for help and being able to host meetings. There were lows, such as too much homework at times, but overall it was a pretty good experiment to go through.” 

To finish it off it’s important to make sure that when this is all over and it’s safe, that we all get together with the people we love and the people we cherish in our lives and we make up for whatever time we lost with them because it’s important to let them know how much they mean to us. It’s important to remind them that they matter. Education is important, but people’s safety should be priority one. Although online learning isn’t very beneficial to students and it certainly isn’t the way anyone wants to keep learning, we should keep in mind that it’s the best thing for us right now and soon, hopefully, schools will reopen and we can go back to learning the proper ways with our friends and favorite teachers educating us and inspiring us to pursue our dreams.