Should High Schools Count Quarter 4 Grades Normally?

James Carthy, staff writer

Things have been changing rapidly for students around the United States, and school is very different now that quarantine is in effect. Many students are stressed because of the quick change of environment that they were put in. Because of this many students are questioning whether or not they should be held to the same standards as they were when they were in the physical school. Some schools are implementing a pass/fail system that doesn’t factor into the students’ final letter grade. So should all schools implement this unique grading system?

Another argument being brought up is that students have been facing much higher levels of stress and anxiety during the quarantine. The root of this issue could be many things, it could be the lack of communication between students and teachers, distractions at home, or just overall frustration with the new schedule. So is this enough to convince schools to change their grading system? Many students also report that their letter grades have plummeted due to their lack of face to face communication. Many high schools around the United States also report that their students have responded well to the pass/fail system and that it has been working for them.

This is a very unique period of time for everyone, both teachers and students have to operate their curriculum much differently now that they are both working from home. Overall, strange times like this require unique solutions, so keeping the same old grading system would be pretty unfair to the students. Introducing a new pass/fail system would ultimately fix the problem easily and fairly.