NPHS Athletic Trainer Needs More Room

Sophia Salazar, staff writer

The athletic trainer at NPHS, Jorden Nolan, has 750 athletes to take care of in a room the size of a walk-in closet. In the 7 years she has been at NPHS, there have been no modifications made to her room. With athletes constantly entering and exiting right after school, Nolan has very limited space to conduct examinations and tests that are vital to each athlete.

Nolan says that being the athletic trainer at this school is important to her because she loves the district and the feeling that she can be a part of all the teams at NPHS through her job. She obviously cares a great deal for the athletes, but how can she provide the care needed with no space? 

After only a year of working here, Nolan noticed the need for a bigger office. She had athletes sharing the two beds in her office and found many kids waiting outside. There is little to no privacy in her room, and that affects the athletes.

Junior Grace Kelly claims: “I hate when people look at my feet when I’m getting taped, so most of the time I just play without getting taped.”

This lack of privacy has led athletes, similar to Kelly, to disregard their need for medical tape or other assistance. This could possibly lead to more injuries and dangerous habits that could’ve been prevented through having a bigger room with just a little bit of privacy. 

With a bigger room, Nolan could get more things done and assist more athletes. Although she is only one person, with a bigger room and more tables, weights, and stim units, she could help students with injury prevention and post injury rehabilitation. 

Every day when athletes have to go into the hall and complete exercises for Nolan, it creates a negative atmosphere.

Sophomore basketball player Grace Kinum states, “When you have to do muscle exercises and stretches, we have to go out into the hall which is very uncomfortable for the people walking past you in the hall.”

With a bigger room, athletes would be able to perform the exercises in front of Nolan, instead of completely leaving the room while she’s working on someone else. 

After seeing different athletic training rooms, student-athletes become envious of the large space and units that they have. Governor Livingston, for example, has a great athletic training room.

Frustrations arise, and athletes along with Nolan, believe they are being ignored and unheard. She is a trained professional, and believes that a bigger room with improved equipment will be much more beneficial to the students and their treatment. The student athletes at NPHS agree.