Why is the Bell Schedule Off?

Nina Illipronti, staff writer

The clock is ticking. Class ends at 11:53. Students start gathering their things and waiting by the door at 11:52. Suddenly the clock hits 11:53 and students are eager to leave and go to their next class; but they can’t. The teacher has to wait for the bell to ring to let them go. 

At NPHS, students and staff are noticing that the bell is at least a full minute late, and maybe more. As a student, this is extremely frustrating. I rush to get all of my things packed and end up having to wait at the door for an extra two minutes.

Because teachers aren’t supposed to let students leave class early, having to wait for the incorrect bell to ring means that we don’t actually leave at the correct time.

At first, a few minutes may not seem like that big of a deal, but over time it starts getting annoying and inconvenient. 

What if a student has an after school sport that they have to attend or simply doesn’t want to be caught in the long, unbearable lunch line?

Students and staff are constantly complaining about the bells being late and they can’t do anything about it.  The administration can.  Why haven’t they?