50 Fun Quarantine Activities



Mia Fusillo, staff writer

Hey, NPHS students! Does being quarantined make you feel bored? Well, here are 50 activities that you can try for fun:

  1. Learn a new instrument
  2. Try to cook an entire meal
  3. Read a book
  4. Find a new Netflix show to watch
  5. Text all your friends and set up a time to have a group FaceTime
  6. Make a step count challenge with your family and see who can walk the furthest every day
  7. Learn how to crochet
  8. Play a card game with your family
  9. Go for a run
  10. Learn how to skateboard
  11. Go for a bike ride
  12. Write a song
  13. Start a journal
  14. Make an ice cream sundae
  15. Go for a drive
  16. Listen to music
  17. Take a bubble bath
  18. Do yoga
  19. Paint
  20. Do your own makeup
  21. Write a poem
  22. Take a nap
  23. Paint your nails
  24. Make a TikTok
  25. Have a photoshoot
  26. Do a face mask
  27. Bake a cake
  28. Organize your Google Drive
  29. Have a dance party
  30. Draw a picture
  31. Have a cupcake war with your family
  32. Make coffee/tea
  33. Do laundry
  34. Go on a hike
  35. Explore a new trail outdoors
  36. Look through old photos
  37. Make a new Spotify playlist
  38. Watch a movie
  39. Text a friend
  40. Try a new food
  41. Pass a soccer ball with your sibling
  42. Write a letter to your future self
  43. Make a vision board
  44. Make a bucket list
  45. Clean your room
  46. Go on social media
  47. Take in the sun
  48. Sing a song
  49. Read the news
  50. Write an article for The Providential