What To Watch During Quarantine



Marilyn Keating, staff writer

This quarantine has only lasted two weeks and already students are bored. It feels like there is nothing to do now that we can’t be with our friends and we aren’t supposed to go outside. It’s safe to say that school has become the main thing that’s been occupying students.

Luckily though, we live during the time of The Office. Students can binge the tv show, which will keep them occupied and give them something to look forward to throughout this quarantine.

Even now in online school, students are overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. One of the reasons why students still have these feelings is because of the situation that the world is in right now, battling COVID-19. Due to quarantine, there isn’t much for students to do to take their minds off of the pandemic other than school, which only adds to the stress.

The Office was first released in 2005, and fifteen years later it is still a fan favorite. The show addresses relatable topics through the use of comedy. Some of the characters are very extreme and somewhat unrelatable. Therefore, they handle situations very differently than the average person which is where the humor comes from. Plus, the situations the characters are in are very understandable.

The Office is a lighthearted comedy. The humor in the show can help to distract our minds from the tragic events that are taking place in the world while watching. Plus, binging the show gives you something to do so that you’re not bored with only your thoughts. Not to mention, the show doesn’t require a lot of attention which makes it perfect to watch at this time particularly. There are so many thoughts running through students’ heads right now, so being able to watch something without having to focus on the plot definitely serves as an outlet.

In the episode “Money” in season 4, the main character and boss of the office, Michael Scott, famously “declares bankruptcy.” Rather than logically and legally solving the problem he decides to run away and go off the grid. While sitting on the getaway train he states, “I am running away from my responsibilities. And it feels good.”

This quote is especially applicable to student life. Between balancing school, sports, and a social life, which is very stressful for students, there’s no doubt that running away from all of the responsibility didn’t seem like a good idea at one point. The Office has many relatable episodes and situations that characters are in, which is why I highly recommend watching it.

The Office is a humorous and relatable tv show. That makes it the best show to watch during these trying times, as it gives students something to do to pass the time and is a good distraction from the consuming thoughts that continually run through students’ minds during this quarantine.