How to stay entertained during the quarantine? 

How to stay entertained during the quarantine?

Priscilla Senger, staff writer

With the quarantine limiting outside activity, people’s normal schedules and activists have been altered. While indoors, it is important to still find forms of entertainment to help cope with the lockdown. 

Luckily, the internet provides a lot of fun activities: 

Catch up on your favorite TV shows  Always wanted to check out that show your friend recommended but didn’t have time? Well, now is the moment. With a plethora of content available on a variety of streaming services you will surely find a great binge-worthy show. Streaming services are still offering new content every month, so be sure to check out if anything that’s trending interests you. 

Start a new hobby  Have spare crafting materials lying around? Great, Youtube offers many tutorials for free on any type of hobby. If your family members are familiar with any type of hobby, perhaps they could help you on your new journey. With a lot of spare time on your hands, you can surely learn a lot. It’s a great and creative way to keep your mind busy. 

Call a friend Social distancing does not mean you have to limit your social activity. You can still FaceTime your friends while avoiding the spread of the virus. It is important to not neglect your social needs at a time like this. 

Learn a new language With a wide array of free resources such as Duolingo available, you can begin to learn a new language or reinforce your skills. Even if you study fifteen minutes a day, you will still make progress. Perhaps you could even use your new skill when traveling after the travel ban is lifted. 

Pick up a book You can explore the world without leaving your couch through a good book. Discovering a new book is as easy as ever with the advent of the ebook. Many online retailers allow you to preview a book before buying it so you can easily tell if a book is suited for you. Additionally, New Providence High School students can check out ebooks and audiobooks for free by using the Sora app which can be downloaded through Self Service

We are fortunate to live in a digital era which provides a limitless amount of content to be enjoyed. Hopefully, these activities can serve as a nice distraction during the lockdown.