Checking in with the Underclassmen…

Maddox Gallagher, staff writer

As the world continues to deal with coronavirus and quarantine, students are stuck at home and not allowed to go to school. Many people know about the issues going on with the seniors, but what about the other grades? 

When asked about how the virus has impacted her junior year, NPHS student Gabrielle Arace mentioned how due to quarantine, she became very overwhelmed with work and fell behind in AP Chem. Due to not having a teacher there by her side to guide her, she chose to not take the AP test even though she had planned to. 

Franklin Markel, sophomore, said how the virus has set him back a bit as he wants to take the SAT in August. He was planning on getting tutored but now he must learn everything by himself, and, “It is very hard to learn math and chemistry by yourself.” He also talked about how he was very excited for this lacrosse season and disappointed how he will have to wait. 

Ugne Naujokaite, freshmen, has had a bit of a better time this quarantine. She misses her friends and school but mentioned how doing the work at home works better for her. She likes to work at her own pace and then when her work is done she can move on with her day. 

The coronavirus has had an everlasting impact on everyone in many different ways.