Getting to Know NP: Christine Cronin


Cronin with her family members Patrick (upper left), Lauren (upper right), and Melissa (bottom center)

Kalina Kornacki, Multimedia Editor

Who is Christine Cronin? What have you done for New Providence and how long have you worked and lived here?

Well, I’ve been here since I was six months old. My parents bought a house when they knew I was about to be born. So they bought a house like in one of the new developments and I lived here until I went overseas in 1980, I believe. And then I came back five years later, I worked and then I lived in North Plainfield, and then I came back here. I was in Girl Scouts in New Providence until I was 18 as vice president of the senior troop.

Where did you live overseas? 

I lived in Ireland for six months and then I lived in a suite of ski resort where I was working as a physical therapist. And then I worked for the Saudi military as a physical therapist. When  I came back here I went back on the rescue squad. I started lifeguarding at the community pool, which was actually my first job. I was working in the snack bar at the community pool when I was 15 because I went to Union Catholic, and the management didn’t know me except for Jim Wood. And he was the head lifeguard at the time. And as soon as an opening became available, I was given that lifeguarding position. I think I was subbing and then I got full time in August. 

So you’ve worked at the snack bar and you’ve worked as a lifeguard. Have you covered any other positions at the NPCP?

I was on the pool board for nine years and I was vice president of the pool board and then they asked me if I wanted to join management because at that time, it was only nine years that you could be on the pool board.

And when did you start working at the Community pool? 

The pool had opened 60 years ago. It actually was chartered 61 years ago, but by the time it actually opened sixty years ago, I became a member then. And then I started working at the upper pool.

What makes you want to stay in New Providence?

I think it’s a fantastic town. I know a lot of the people I grew up with in town. I think people in general help each other out. I worked hard to get back in here. It’s relatively a safe town. You know, I’m still on the rescue squad. I started the rescue squad in the 70s and I took 19 years off when my kids were growing up. But I want to stay here because I love it here and like the community. I love the pool and I enjoy being on the rescue squad. I love my social families in town. My neighborhood still has some of the kids I grew up with. Mostly half of my family is very local so I see them all the time.

Being here so long, how do you think that you have helped the pool community specifically expand its influence through the town and through other towns?

People love the pool. I hopefully make it a relaxing environment for them most of the time. I think it’s a place to go  [because it’s for] all ages in town. 

What is your current employment outside of being the Assistant Manager of NPCP?

So I’m an Associate Professor at Rutgers in the Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Sciences. My specialty area is pediatrics. I coordinate Rutgers therapy in the Newark school system, which is my primary job. I help out with courses but I am treating almost full time. So schools and charter schools in Newark, I’m the Director of that program and it’s called North Therapy Services. I also work in early intervention in Children’s Specialized Hospital.