Getting to Know NP: Paul from Barth’s Market


Kayleigh Wilson, staff writer

How long have you lived in New Providence?

I’ve lived in New Providence since 1966.

Is there a reason you’ve stayed in NP for so long?

I think mostly a sense of community. I lived away in another town for maybe a couple of years, but always wanted to come back to this town and raise my kids in this town because I grew up here. This is a sense of community and camaraderie between all the people.

What do you think Barth’s does for our community?

I think people like to support local businesses. And I think, you know, all the people here are very helpful, as opposed to going to just some big supermarket or something. Here, it’s more hands on, and I think the community really likes that. I think people like to know your name and interact with you, and we help them. Sometimes they don’t really know what they want. And we’re here to help.