What Will The Summer Look Like in the Time of Coronavirus?

Olivia Catalano, staff writer

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus across America and other countries, summer is going to feel a little different this year. Trips and vacations are getting canceled and resorts and hotels are closing. Coronavirus is still spreading and people are still dying from it, even though the amount of people getting the virus is decreasing. 

One thing that is going to be different is public pools, and the real question is if the pools will even open this year. Hundreds of people belong to the New Providence Community pool and if it doesn’t open, people will have nothing to do this summer. Rumors that I have heard were that only a certain amount of people will be able to go to the pool on certain days. The pool was supposed to open the weekend of Memorial Day and there is no sign it will be opening for the season. On the New Providence Community Pool website it states, “Due to COVID-19 2020 season membership sign up is currently suspended,” which means that no people are allowed to sign up because they aren’t sure if they are even going to open this year. 

Another thing that is going to be different about this summer is the beaches. Even though the beaches are open, people are still going to need to practice social distancing. As of right now it looks like small businesses are going to be able to start opening again, but for people who have a beach house on an island like Long Beach Island, it might still be a bleak summer because some stories and restaurants might not open for the season. The beaches are limiting the amount of people allowed on the beach and there are no games, shoreline fishing, yoga, and no sports. I think beaches should be open as long as people practice social distancing and don’t sit on top of one another. 

One last way the coronavirus is going to affect this summer is because most restrictions are going to stay in place and social distancing is going to be a huge part of everyone’s life for a long time. Although the virus is decreasing it will not just disappear forever. Coronavirus is going to now be a sickness like the flu that might come back every couple months. The news stated that there could possibly be another round of the virus after this one that could be even more extreme and deathly. O