School Closings: How do NPHS students feel?

Emi Goswami, staff writer

Due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, many schools are closing down to prevent students and teachers from receiving the virus.  Students are required to be isolated at home to do online classes. I asked some New Providence High School students how they feel now that the school shut down due to the virus.  Here’s what they had to say:

 Lily Pergola (freshman): 

I am upset because I won’t be face to face with my teachers. For example, If I am struggling with a lesson or a problem, I would have to email them. This can be really frustrating. Also, having problems with a device can easily affect us. If we can’t fix it at home, what are we going to do?

Kate Ure (sophomore):

I think that the school shutting down was a bad idea. Most students (especially myself) would not be as productive in their own homes. There are so many more distractions here to get us off topic! Most people have been overreacting about the Coronavirus, it’s not that big of a deal, more people die from the flu than this virus. Anyways, I think that closing down the school would not be effective or good for students’ grades!

Olivia Gelormini (freshman):

I’m happy but kinda stressed.  I’m happy because I get to sleep in and do school assignments on my own time. I’m stressed because teachers are not able to help you as much as when you’re in school.  There’s more opportunities to ask questions when you’re at school then when you’re home.

Sabine Silva (freshman):

I feel that the school did the right thing in closing. However, now that we have switched to completely online, the students are in a completely new learning environment and the teachers are expecting us to teach ourselves with little help and in a certain amount of time even though we have all day.  Also, the school isn’t sure about when we will go back. We have to be prepared to completely shift back into the school environment, rather than the home learning environment. It will give students much more freedom, but they have to be diligent enough to get the work done when the teachers post it in order to succeed. 

Raquel Silva (freshman):

I feel like there is more pressure on the students in order to complete their school work. I feel that with the school being closed, some students may feel like it’s a break and not do the work. I think that some students may become more distant from their friends, as school may be the only way they can talk and see their friends. I also think that this has impacted the seniors the most. Since we don’t know how long the school will be closed, they may not be able to have a graduation or play their last sports game. Not knowing when the schools will reopen also has a lot of people concerned, including myself. What if we have to do online school for the rest of the year? Our parents can’t stay home so we have to teach ourselves. Especially the parents of elementary school kids. They may not be able to take that much time off or have someone to homeschool and take care of their kids. Having the schools closed due to the virus will have a big impact on everyone and not just the students, but the parents as well.


As of March 18, every school in New Jersey is closed, and all students will continue to learn and work at home.  They will not be stopped by the virus, and will push themselves to stay focused and on task. The students are nervous but will be updated daily, so they stay safe but focused on their education.