What About the Yearbook?

How Quarantine Affected this Annual Tradition



Priscilla Senger, staff writer

With the school year coming to a close, many begin to reminisce over fond memories. Each year these memories are captured and preserved in the yearbook. 

 “The yearbook serves a variety of purposes.  The yearbook is a historical document.  It is intended to give an overview of what our school was like during this time period.  But it is also a piece of our personal history.  What did we look like?  Who were we during this time in our lives?  Who were our friends?  Most people keep their books their entire lives.  It’s fun to look back and reminisce as we age and change,” Mr Klein, the yearbook advisor, said.

However, the COVID-19 outbreak has influenced how this year will be reflected in the yearbook. Due to the spring sports season being cancelled, its usual section had to be omitted from the book. Additionally, many activities which occur in the spring, such as the fashion show and senior breakfast, did not take place and were not able to be captured in the yearbook.

“I reached out to seniors to send me photos of themselves in their college attire, but many students had not yet decided or had their application processes delayed.  Nonetheless, we do have a few pages of those pictures included.  The impact will reach into next year’s book since there was not the traditional prom in June,” Mr Klein said.

The delivery of the books have been delayed, as production facilities have been working with reduced staffing in order to comply with safety protocols and the shipping company is also experiencing delays. While it is unsure when underclassmen will receive their yearbooks, seniors will get theirs before graduation.

“Another change is that we are offering a “digital signing” option.  You’ll be able to send requests to friends and teachers for them to write a message.  You’ll then be able to print out those pages and insert them into your book.  All NPHS students, faculty and staff may register for an account at yearbook signing.jostens.com.  Once you are registered and choose a deadline date, a shareable link will be provided. All you have to do is email your link to friends, administrators, and faculty to have them sign your yearbook,” Mr Klein said.

The yearbook’s layout was created by the Yearbook Club and Mr Klein, and some of the headline graphics were designed by members of the Graphic Design Club. According to Mr Klein, seniors Matt Regan and Jarod Chan were instrumental in that process.

“Several staff members and I just designed next year’s cover during a Skype conference with Jostens.  Typically we would go to a workshop in person, but of course the times have changed,” Mr Klein said. “I hope everyone stays safe and healthy this summer.  Hopefully we will be back in September, but we have to keep following the guidelines set by our leaders based on the best science available.  The effects of this crisis will be long-lasting, but we as a community, state, and nation will get through this if we look out for each other.”

As of May 29, there are ten yearbooks available for purchase through jostensyearbooks.com.