Should There Be College Football This Year?

John Geoffroy, staff writer

Fall sports are a huge thing in the USA, especially college sports such as Football. College Football is one of the biggest college sports and tons of people watch and enjoy throughout the season. With all of the missing out on sports, people would be so happy to watch their favorite college teams play even if it means through their television. According to Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby, “athletics can restart in fall even if the university classes are online”. The players would probably enjoy being able to leave their house and play football, and the fans would enjoy to watch over their tv. 

Even though there are many reasons for the college season to start, there are also many reasons not to start the season. Football is a very high contact sport and can spread viruses easily. You have Covid-19 two weeks before you realize, so if a player gets it and spreads it all through the team and other teams, the league will shut down. If they start the league, they will need to isolate players completely from anyone else to keep them safe.