Which Fast Good Chain has the Best Fries? We Found Out

Hayden LaRocque Green, Staff Writer

The debate over which fast food restaurant makes the best french fries is a popular one, and I wanted to solve it for myself. I tried and rated the classic large fries from Burger King, Smashburger, Wendy’s, Five Guys, and McDonald’s; some of my rankings might come as a surprise. 

#5 McDonald’s


Cost: $1.89

Although McDonald’s is commonly thought of as having the best fast food fries, I was thoroughly disappointed with the ones I tried. The fries were stiff, almost like cardboard, and didn’t have enough flavoring. Even though I could have been given a “bad batch,” this still adds to the inconsistency of the restaurant. It is important to note that McDonald’s had a far greater quantity of fries for a cheaper amount compared to many other brands on this list. However, this rating is solely based on the quality of the fries themselves. 


Overall Rate:  5/10

  • Flavor: 4/10
  • Crispiness: 3/10
  • Quantity: 8/10



#4 Burger King

Irene JiangCost: $2.39

These fries had nice flavoring, but a confusing texture. There was crispiness on the outside, but the inside of the fry was very mushy. The texture was like mashed potatoes, and I didn’t appreciate the contrast between the outside and inside of the fries. Also, the fries were very thick, which explains why the texture was so uneven. However, there was a decent flavoring on the fries, especially with the salt. The quantity of the fries was very average. 

Overall Rate: 6/10

  • Flavor: 6/10
  • Crispiness: 5/10
  • Quantity: 6/10


#3 Wendy’s 

Ryan C. Jones

Cost: $2.19

Wendy’s fries pleasantly surprised me. They had decent flavoring, and a solid crispiness. While the amount of fries provided was less than most of the other brands, I still really enjoyed these fries. Also, they had the perfect thickness, giving them a solid rating. 

Overall Rating: 7/10

  • Flavor: 8/10
  • Crispiness: 6.5/10
  • Quantity: 4/10




#2 Smashburger


Cost: $2.99

Smashburger’s fries were delicious. They are string cut, with great flavoring on them. Also, these fries were very crispy and thin, making it easy to devour the entire thing. The main negatives I give to these fries is that they are on the pricier side and have the lowest quantity. However, the quality of these fries are great, putting them so high on this list. 

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

  • Flavor: 8/10
  • Crispiness:  8/10
  • Quantity: 3/10


#1 Five Guys

Irene Jiang

Cost: $5.79


These fries were phenomenal, and well deserving of the number one spot. They are extremely crispy while maintaining a great flavor. The fries have Cajun seasoning along with salt, which really adds to the flavor. Although these fries are very expensive, the quantity easily makes up for it. My singular pack of large fries was overflowing from the container, so I’d say the extra couple dollars are worth it. Five Guys’ fries have been ranked #1 in multiple surveys, like one by the Insider, and I can definitely see the appeal. 

Overall Rating: 9/10

  • Flavor: 9/10
  • Crispiness: 8.5/10
  • Quantity: 10/10


Overall, if you want a large amount of flavorful and crispy fries, I would go to Five Guys. Smashburger and Wendy’s are also great alternatives. Even though these fries are more expensive, their quality makes up for it. I would stay away from McDonald’s and Burger King because their fries are pretty average.