Influencers vs. Celebrities: What’s the Difference?

Sofia Zamora, staff writer

Influencers have gained worldwide popularity over a short amount of time. Why are they so appealing and what has caused this sudden change? There has been recent controversy whether or not influencers should be deemed as celebrities. Although specific people can be seen as both, it is clear that a line has been formed between what is considered an influencer and what is a celebrity.

According to InFlow Network, “Celebrities gain fame through traditional media channels” while on the other hand, “Influencers…gain their audience through new media, aka social media platforms.”

Celebrities uphold their reputation and fame by being successful in a specific field of work such as the entertainment industry. They tend to have a diverse audience which can “make it a little difficult for celebrities to get closer to and be engaged with their followers,” whereas influencers can be viewed as more relatable to followers or a certain community.

Celebrities are known for their luxury lifestyles and making profit off of their specific talents. Although audiences look up to celebrities, “people want to hear from those who are relatable, people they can trust because they are just like them” according to Point Loma Nazarene University Viewpoint. 

Today, influencers are used widely in the marketing of products and services. Influencers have the ability to connect with their target audience and persuade them to buy certain products. Followers are more likely to buy products promoted by influencers that are similar to them than worldwide celebrities that they are unable to relate to.

Influencers can “sway their followers’ purchasing behavior, thinking and even beliefs.” They are close knit with their audience while celebrities are not. 

Although this might seem like a good thing, it can also mean that followers might trust whatever the influencer says. For example, if an influencer is promoting a certain product, they might not actually enjoy using it. They could only be promoting the product for the money they receive from the company. 

Not to mention people tend to think there is no middle ground between the two people, there are many people who first gained their reputation from traditional careers and have started to create content of their own on social media. Ultimately, both groups of people are used to entertain or help the public.