Getting to Know NP: Linda Tribuna

Hayden LaRocque Green, Features Editor

Linda’s Creative Gifts is a well established business in New Providence owned by Linda Tribuna.

Do you live in New Providence or nearby?

I live in Berkeley Heights. I’ve been there for 28 years.

How long have you had like this business here?

September will be six years since I’ve been in this location. I was in Stirling before that for seven years.

What have you learned about the community here and like how do you feel about it?

I love it. Everybody is very sweet. They love to support local, which obviously I am very happy with. And during COVID they really tried to give business as much as they could to try to keep me alive so that I wouldn’t have to close. They just love being in a store, having a store like this in their town, so I’m very happy.

What do you think your role is in the community or the role of your business?

Well, I support local artists. I’m an artist myself. So that’s why I created this store. And I think for the local people, there’s a lot of them that live in New Providence that sell in my store. So I think that helps, I think that is helping them to continue their business and grow their business as well as mine. So it works for both of us.

Can you describe like how your business has grown up, like come here or like how it’s grown since being here?

Well, it’s a larger location so I’m able to support a lot more artists because it’s so much bigger.

Hayden LaRocque Green